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Rachel's Discography

Singles & Albums

Rachel Yvonne Concrete CD Cover Design Revised FINAL.jpg
Fragile Cover 1400x1400.jpg

2015 - "Concrete"
2016 - "Fragile"
2017 - "O Holy Night"

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Love Notes

Rachel Yvonne - Love Notes AC  2017.jpg

Rachel's debut album "Love Notes" released on her birthday, July 29, 2017. This was Rachel's 1st time producing herself and she has grown musically since its release. Written, produced and vocally arranged by Rachel, she expresses her faith in Christ through an Urban Neo-Soul musical perspective. Rachel refers to each song as being a "Love Note" to the listener, expressing her faith in a non-traditional way.

The Pursuit

Rachel Yvonne - The Pursuit AC RGB 3000x3000 pixels 300 dpi.jpg

Rachel's second studio album "The Pursuit" produced, written and vocally arranged by Rachel was released February 14, 2019. Whether it's love, mental health or spirituality, in life we are always in constant pursuit. What are you pursuing? That which is temporal or that which is eternal? This album includes 15 tracks with a variety of sounds: up-beat, mid-tempo, slow jams and even spoken word addressing relatable topics of life such as, love, mental health and faith. Listen with an open heart and mind as you allow God to take you on a musical journey through her music!


October 1, 2021

2021_0829_Rachel Yvonne Lullaby Cover Design 3000x3000 Pixels 300 DPI RGB Color Version 01

"If it's hard to sleep, put this on repeat..."

Rachel designed her 3rd album cover artwork and titled it "Lullaby" for many reasons. When a lullaby is sung, it is usually sung a'capella to a child. The child has to depend solely on your voice in order to fall asleep. Rachel challenged herself, not only instrumentally and lyrically, but vocally. "Lullaby" showcases her voice as an instrument regarding texture, tone, range, harmony and vocal stacking down to the backgrounds. The title also relates to her vulnerability (like a child) in her lyrics as an artist to the listener. She addresses topics on faith, racial injustice, past experiences, love and even has a feature from her little nephew Brenden concluding the album! Enjoy the production and harmonies! Play the album all the way through to get the full experience of Rachel's "Lullaby"!

Available NOW!!!!

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